Thursday, June 23, 2011

Lemon Curd

I have officially made my first batch of lemon curd! 
I would have to say that it was a lot like making hollandaise with the whole double-boiler, egg-and-butter-thickening method...

Now these, (well not all of them) are for my scrumptious White Chocolate Lemon Cupcakes that I am making today, we'll actually I am not making them today but I will be making them soon.  This batch of lemon curd was so that I could have some curd ready when I do go to make those cupcakes (which will be next week).  And also for my "test" cupcakes that I making today.  I am testing out my icing tips and want to see if my swiss buttercream icing holds up as well with my other Bake It Pretty tips (and not just the large round one). Well, here we to go clean out the bowl from the curd and get my egg whites going.

See you soon!

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