Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Lesson Learned

My lesson is learned...about these cupcakes.  I guess you could call it, Lesson #1 (which is one area that I've failed in the past):  These cupcakes are not the type of cupcakes that you just "throw-together".  They're not the cupcakes that someone sees and says, "Oh, I want some of those..." and you just magically work up
some sort of spell and make them appear.  They take time.  I repeat, they-take-time. 

After making these, I found myself tempted to quickly make up some more but that is not what God wanted for me here.  He wants me to know that these recipes & cupcakes are jewels.  Jewels that he has bestowed upon me to steward and not to take lightly.  Although on tv (and the internet) they can almost seem common-place...but they're not.  Not everyone can make them.  So to me, it was given, and to me I will guard and give it my trust.  Thanks for reading,

Happy Baking!

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