Wednesday, June 1, 2011

What happened to My Dream???

A year ago, right about this time last year, the Lord had put it in my heart to start making cupcakes again & professionally.  Back when I was a teenager in high school, my dad and I would make cupcakes for community 100-300 cupcakes per event.  Well years and years later, the youth pastor and worship leader at our church got on the microphone during on Sunday morning service and said, "he felt like there were people in the room that had allowed their dreams or something that they were believing for to die but that that dream could be ressurected and re-realized."  And that was me.  I felt like for days and days God had been speaking to me about cupcakes and doing them again...not to mention the at-the-time (Summer 2010) upcoming and very popular two new shows to about cupcakes on tv (DC Cupcakes on TLC and Cupcake Wars) on Food Network.  Between these two shows, I felt very inspired.

I told my husband about it and last August he found and sent me to a Chamber of Commerce event uptown where Warren Brown of Cake Love would be speaking.  So I went, I bought the book, had it signed and autographed. Talked to him about how he got into cakes and tried to take from there.  Afterward, I thought that if I took his book and studied it and began making those cakes, (how to make cakes from scratch) I could master a few of those get the point.

Well anyways, a few days ago I went to a church picnic and there they were, someone had brought in cupcakes and my dream that had been forgotten all came back.  "What have I been doing all this time?!"   I thought to myself.  I had not been working on my cupcakes.  I had not been perfecting my recipes.  And in fact where last year I had put my services for making cupcakes up online for a low cost I allowed myself to get side-tracked in doing cakes, and shower cakes.  Not that those aren't good, but "whatever happened to my cupcakes?"   I have to do this.  I have to take this up again.  I have to allow
my dreams to be good (and to make good) cupcakes come to life!  I have recipe ideas that I have come up
with that are original to me, a year ago that are ready to be made.

And I am going to do them all here.  So what do you say, are you ready to follow me on this journey?

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