Thursday, June 9, 2011

No Shortcuts: Another Lesson Learned

Here's another lesson to put in my belt buckle: Take no short-cuts, no matter what.  Quite honestly, I have made my share of mediocre cupcakes...I've made some good ones too, but I've made some mediocre ones.  Which I am not proud to say but nonetheless, one lesson that I have learned in this new process with new beginnings is that I don't need to take any shortcuts, regardless of the cost

As I am working on this Double Chocolate Cupcake recipe as part of my Chocolate Raspberry Cupcake recipe I found a part of the instruction that I quite honestly glazed temperature eggs.  Ugh.  Well inspite of the fact that I want to get these cupcakes done, and give myself enough time to get them done right, what I have to acknowledge in all of this is that a very important part of this process is not taking any shortcuts, including this request for "room-temperature" and not "refrigerator-cold" eggs, as mine are :-)

So, I guess that I've got some time on my hands... Off to taking care of a few other things that need to be done while I wait (patiently) for my eggs to get warm.  And there you have...

Lesson #2.


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