Monday, June 24, 2013

DIY {Fabric} Yarn Wreath (4th of July)

The 4th of July is coming and it's time to make a wreath, y'all!  It seems like the perfect occasion to make us a little wreath....well, ANY occassion is fit enough for me to make a wreath.  (Sometimes, I am just looking for an excuse to have to make a wreath, lol.)  So, let's get started:)  This wreath is super easy and honestly, I first saw it here on Pinterest.  And just knew that I had to make one!:)

For my door, I used the following

* spool of deep red yarn
* spool of rich navy blue yarn
*spool of ivory colored yarn
* 18 inch foam wreath base
* 12 inches of burlap or ribbon for hanging

*packet of white foam stars (mine came in a three pack of silver, gold and white & for this project I just use the white. 

I chose a premium brand of yarns.  There were were some that were of a thicker band but I wanted my yarn to almost look "silky".  So I made sure that the yarn that I chose was thin, deep and rich in color and even had a little shine to it.  (You'll see when we get to the end...) 

Okay so first I watched a YouTube video on this and I was so glad I did because I noticed a couple of things:

(1) If you're doing a yarn wreath, you must, absolutely MUST use a foam wreath base.  No a wire wreath base, or a twig wreath base. Absolutely not.  With wrapping a yarn, no other base, (except one that is COMPLETELY smooth, like a foam base will do!)

Second, when you're wrapping a yarn wreath DO NOT unravel your spool of yarn.  Keep it rolled and wrapped up & only pull out enough of the yarn for that cycle it around the wreath. 

Watch this video to see what I mean.

Next after I got this rotation going I went around and around.  Now, you see that we are trying to make this wreath in the similitude of the American flag.  So you want to have the blue cover the top left quadrant, just like it does on the actual flag.  And then on the bottom left quardrant and all of the right side of the (top and bottom quadrants) we're going to make our "stripes".  If you watched the video, you saw that you tie your yarn at the beginning point before you begin wrapping.

As you go, these little knots will be at the beginning and the end of all of your white and red sections.  Turn your wreath over before you at the hanging ribbon and stars and cut off any loose ends, above the knot.  If you cut "below" the knot, your yarn is likely to unravel, so don't do it;)
After you're done cutting off any of the loose ends, you're good to go with applying your stars. 
These stars have a sticky back and so you just peel off that sticky back and take your time pressing them all around the navy blue part of the base.  You're making up your stars section because you already have your stripes done.  (*Back note: Use your discretion as to how thick you want each section of white (or ivory) and deep red to be.  It doesn't have to be perfect, just rhythmic:)

And there you have your wreath!  Happy Independence Day!

So what are you doing for this 4th of July?  Does your family have any special
"crafty" family traditions?  Making this wreath could be your first:)

Happy Crafting Y'all!

xo -Bakie

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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Bourbon Chicken & Sweet Potato w/Quinoa

How many different ways can you say, "yum"?  "Yum", "yummy" & "yumm-o".  There are several ways, and I am saying them all when I bite into this!  Perfect meal for the weekend, fast dinner, or just a romantic dinner for two but....I hear you..enough already!  Let's get down and get this recipe.

Bourbon Chicken
It's simple and as easy as pie!  P-I-E.  All you need is a rotesserie chicken from your local grocery store.  Yes ma'am.  Short cuts.  Glorious short-cuts.  De-li-cious shorts cuts.  Somebody say it with me, "Shortcuts!"  Next grab your:

Soy sauce (1/2 cup)
Honey (1/4 cup)
Powdered Ginger (1/2 tbsp)
Olive oil (2 tbsps)

And you are working it right now, like seriously.  (You know when you go to the mall and they hand you that little piece of bourbon chicken on the end of the toothpick.  Well, here it is!  Just chopped up your chicken from the store and cover it in this sauce.  But wait!  I am getting ahead of myself.

Step 1:  Chop up the roteserrie chicken from the store, keeping on the skin, and removing the bones.

Step 2: Make up your sauce (recipe above) and set it aside.

Step 3: Steam 1 1/2 cups of fresh chopped kale greens.  Set aside.

Step 4: Peel, chop and boil 2 small or one medium sized sweet potato.  Set aside.

Step 5: Sautee one cup of frozen bell pepper slices.  Preferably, yellows, oranges, and reds or oranges, greens, and reds.  (You get my point.  Just keep it colorful & if it's already sliced and from the freezer section- like at Trader Joes- you're going to get a much better price then buying it fresh.)
Set aside.

Step 6: Make up your red quinoa.  This is easy enough to find.  Trader Joes will have it but also check your local grocery store.  (Prepare, half a cup of quinoa, with one cup of water (or chicken stock).  Set aside.

In a large bowl, toss your quinoa, sweet potatoes, red pepper blend (again, the red preferrably for color), your kale greens and your chicken.  Make sure that your sauce is warm and then drizzle it over and toss again.  Delish!  Just like what you see in this photo:)

So what are you making this weekend?  Anything special?  Try this recipe and I am sure that you will make the tastebuds in your home, very, very, happy;)

Happy Cooking Everyone!
xo Bakie

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