Thursday, April 7, 2011

I used my Stand-Mixer for the first time (today)!

Okay so, I have finally moved my Kitchen-Aid stand mixer from this spot....
To this one!
I have had it now for a few months (since Christmas actually) and it's time
to dust this baby off, and get a move on!
"Well, let's does this bowl go on?"
Got it!  Okay, since I was already starting to make this cake today, (by habit) in my usual blue bowl (and by hand I might add) I decided, "hey, why not use the stand mixer?" 
So I poured everything into my mixer's bowl.

...brought it on over to my mixer..."up...that's not going to fit.."
Okay, so then I took off the attachment and put the bowl underneath.
Then I added the attachment...
Hit the start button :-)
Oh, wait, no start button yet.  First, I had to raise the bowl. 
I raised the bowl, then I hit the start button (it's actually a lever I pulled on the other side.  I'll show that to you later).
See there it is.  It guages from low to hi and (sorry it's not clear)
ranges from Speed 1 to 10.
And it's a Kitchen Aid.

And it's a mixin'...
See my video?  I'm really excited :-)
And we mixed.  When I was done I lowered the level of the bowl
with this handle (the same one that I used to bring it up).
Then I unplugged it.  (I don't know if you have to do this step, but I didn't want to take any chances with having to remove the mixing attachment, next).
Then I removed the mixing attachment.
Shook it off...
Took my bowl out.
And poured it into the pan.  How fun!  (My pan was greased off course :-)

  This was really fun taking it from the old school way that I have been doing it for so long to finally coming into the modern Era with my stand-mixer.

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