Thursday, March 10, 2011

Butternut Squash-Part Two: Lesson Learned

I had such a good meal with my butternut squash and this that I decided to try it again...except this time I said, "why not use a short cut...?"  Instead of roasting the squash cubes in the over I tried pan-roasting it.  Big mistake!  First of all, the squash was not nearly as vibrant in color as when we roasted it in the oven.  Second of all, it was mushy and absolutely flavorless!  Not quite the flavor that I was going for.  So what's the lesson to take home?  If you're going to make this dish and bulk up your meal with some yummy butternut squash..don't go the stove top route.  Trust me, you'll be missing out on big color, big flavor and big fun!  Happy Eating :-)


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