Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Welcome to Bakie Me Sweet!!

Welcome to Bakie Me Sweet! These cake pops are ready just in time for our Grand (Blog) Opening!  As you can see (from our previous photos) that we've done a chocolate cake filling with a white cream cheese icing.  And we decided to go with some light blue Wilton candy melts as our coating.

You know the steps...First we melted
One minute and ten seconds to be exact. [The additional ten seconds were actually done after this
(above) photo was taken].
Then we removed our cake balls from the freezer after about an hour, then we dipped.

To be quite honest I don't think that my cake balls were quite firm enough.  I had a few fall apart on my part way through the dipping process.  Here's one that got "stuck in the mud", lol!
It just kind of rolled off the stick and wouldn't go back :-) But nonetheless we ended up with a few solidiers standing tall to say...
Welcome to Bakie Me Sweet's.  We hope that you will
enjoy your stay!

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