Friday, February 25, 2011

Rubyellen, this one's for you!

This special "pink" dessert is for none other than the very special Rubyellen of the Cakies blog.  She's as sweet as can be and most of all inspirational :-)  I've heard that she's expecting another bundle of joy, so I wanted to make something special for her...maybe she's having a craving for something sweet today :-) This recipe is called:

My Pinkies for Cakies

one bag of white or pink wilton melts
one egg yolk
3/4 cup evaporated milk
red food coloring-if you decide to use the white melts
one chocolate graham cracker crust
(an oreo crust might even work good for this too...YUM!)
4 ramekins

First, take your store bought chocolate crust and crumble it up into a bowl.  Then melt on tablespoon of butter and thoroughly mix it into it
Next, evenly divide the crumbs into five parts. Take four of those parts and press them into the bottom of four un-greased ramekins.  Wrap the fifth part up in a little plastic wrap and save for garnish later.

Beat your evaporated milk and egg yolk together.  If you're using the white melts and the red food coloring add, (specifically) four small drops of the red food coloring.  (*Trust me on this one, you don't want to go over that amount with this recipe). 

Get all of the attachments in place for your food processor and add your melts to that.
Constantly stir over medium high heat, whisking to keep the egg and the milk smooth
as it thickens.  After about ten minutes, your mixture should have thickened.

Take your mix and pour it directly over your melts.

Pop the top on and blend with your metal food processor attachment and blend for about 3 minutes.  Sorry for the bad photo but this is what it should look like.
Evenly pour all of your pink mix (:-) into your four ramekins.
You should have enough that it makes fills all four ramekins, equally.

Cover with plastic wrap and let it chill overnight.  (Now, I'm telling you, don't go sneaking in that fridge to test it out before morning, or let's say eight hours is up.  I will be gooey if you do.  If you can wait, this treat is best after 24 hours).  Once you take them out, top 'em with a little whipped cream and some of your left over crumbs and there you go!

Since this recipe was made special for Rubyellen and her family.  I've made one for each of them.
I hope Benny doesn't mind sharing :-)
God Bless Cakies & Sweetest Blessings to
You! -Chemeeka

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