Sunday, February 13, 2011

3 Ingredient Fix for Valentine's Day

Three ingredients; one delicious treat.  I made these last night for a late night snack and quite honestly in my opinion, it couldn't been simpler.  My 3 ingredients for this delicious snack were:

* a box of Ritz crackers
* a bag of Ghiradelli milk chocolate chips
* a bag of Heath bar Toffee bits

*Note: I used one sleeve of the Ritz "fresh snacks" crackers.  And that was enough for my treat but you could use this same recipe using your standard (one) long sleeve of Ritz crackers with about half of the bag of milk chocolate chips and half of the bag for the Heath toffee bits.  In that ratio.
First, melt your milk chocolate chips (Microwave one high for about 1 minute). And stir.
Then grab your Ritz cracker and lather on a layer of your chocolate.
Dip it into your heath bits.

Put these in an air tight container and into the freezer uncovered for 30 minutes. (Now this batch didn't make the freezer step but we've since made another round and we froze them before hand and they were 10 times as delicious! You can't stop eating them.  They're an easy treat to whip up that anyone will love! 
Sweet+salty+chocolate = Ultimate perfection!
As you can see, one of these (bottom left) couldn't make it to the party.
Sorry for the bad photos...but these were too good not to share.

 Happy Valentine's Day & Happy Munchin'!

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