Tuesday, June 2, 2015

The things we do for love....A Mulan-themed Birthday Party!

So my little girl, who is actually my "biggest" girl now, is turning 7.  And what does she want for her birthday?  Mulan.  Mulan it is!  She wanted a Mulan-themed birthday party held at one of her favorite restaurants.  So, the first thing that I had to do in my game-planning for this sweet girl, is to bring in Mulan in every shape and form possible without doing a table set up which is something that I would normally do at home.  So, for starters, we went with: 

Mulan cupcake toppers...

Printed pictures of Mulan in frames.  (You'd never know it but kids go absolutely crazy by just seeing random pictures of their favorite character in frames at their birthday parties.  Not to worry, I won't charge you for that tip. ;-)

The girls also made little Mulan-themed fans, if you will.  (Really just simple 10-inch fans made from 12x12 scrapbooking paper that they got to embellish beforehand).
I had them put these nifty labels on them, too. 
 In addition to her cake pops, she wanted chocolate cupcakes, frosting with purple icing to match everything else Mulan.  Don't mind the Hello Kitty paper there.  It had to work, I mean, it just had to work.  (Hey, I needed something pink and was short on time, lol!)

All in all, I would say that the girls, especially the birthday girl, had one incredible time.  I hope that I have inspired you with some really simple ideas to love on your little one(s) for his/her next birthday!

xo- Bakie 

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