Thursday, January 3, 2013

Sweet Sophia's 1st Birthday Party

I have been a fan of the parties that I've seen on Frog Prince Paperie and Celebrations at Home's site for a long, long time.  I had finally decided to try my hand at trying to create my own party-masterpiece  And this birthday party for my sweet Sophia is my first real attempt:-)
I was originally going to go with a "penguins" theme but the more I approached the thought and searched for inspiration, I found more natural, classic and even vintage touches speaking to me:-)  I was largely inspired by this party for my layout and styling.  As the time for the party approached, the idea of penguins was definitely out, and I had to go with things that I more had at my disposal.
I hand tinted several clean plain white coffee filters a pale pink by add one centimeter of pink food coloring gel to a large bowl of water.
I then spread them out to dry on my counter top until they were completely dry and used those as box liners.
 Everything at our party was either pink, kraft, or white.

I added little touches of soft pink yarn everywhere possible.  Our guests, received little jelly mason jars (that I cleaned and had in the garage) with touches of kraft colored coffee filters and pink yarn, filled with little chocolate kisses.

 Our sweets table was adorned with everything "winter" and "pink" to celebrate our 1-year old little girl.  I also incorporated her little white and pink teddy bear from her bedroom, as we like to affectionately call her, "Sophia-bear" at times:)  Her cake was a 4-inch circle frosted in a sweet Swiss buttercream with rosettes.  The frosting was tinted a pale pink.
 My husband helped out by making our pink frosted Christmas tree cookies.  (I am terrible at making cut-out shaped cookies...don't ask me why, but I needed his help here and he gladly obliged:-)
 I wanted little soft touches of pink everywhere and of course, white.  The milk bottles are re-purposed coffee beverage drink bottles.  Striped paper straws were adding for that "pink" touch. 
I added faux snow and ornaments from a baby's 1st Christmas ornament set strung on kraft twine.

 I'd have to say that the Pink S'mores, which were my original idea were my favorite part of all this!  I took pink wafer melts, and melted them down into square molds and added them to graham cracker and marshmallow sets.  I finished them off by tieing them with more of my soft pink yarn.

(I added in a few styrofoam bowls turned upside down to create a little "fill" for this gorgeous pitcher for pictures).
The milk pitcher and cake stands were all adorned with additional ribbon scraps that I had left over from previous hairbow projects.
Everything from Sweet Sophia's 1st Birthday was soft, pink, and sweet.  We had a great time celebrating our little bear, Sophia.
Happy 1st Birthday to a wonderful little girl!
Photography/Styling/Cupcakes/Pink S'mores/Milk Bottles/Treats: Chemeeka Sparks
Tall 3-tiered pink stand (originally black): Home Goods
White porclain cake stands: Marshalls' Home Goods
Rectangular trays: Crate N' Barrel
Center Square Tray: Target
The actual table itself: courtesy of S. Michael


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