Monday, January 21, 2013

Everything's Better with {a little Washi tape!}

Okay, I am looovvving this new & lastest "find" of mine.  Haven't heard of it?  That's okay:)  It's called washi tape.  I stumbled upon it while shopping over at Etsy and was smitten right away!  Since another family birthday has rolled around and it's time to mail a card I thought, why not?  Now let me back up to say that my little sister Chenelle is always sending the sweetest little dressed up cards and packages in the mail.  When something is coming from her, you know it even without checking the return address so I figured that I'd send that same sort of love to someone else to brighten their day.

I bought this set of washi tape (and some other...of course!  You know that I just couldn't stop at one;)  And for this card, since I had a nice blue envelope and a red one, I went the "kraft" route.  Looove kraft color.  I feel like it's totally making a come back.  And so help me God if everyone's packages this coming Christmas aren't "brown paper packages tied up in string...these are a few of my favorite things!"  Julia Andrews and I are both dancing upon the mountain top & I am dancing with my washi tape.  Okay.  Back to reality!   But this here washi tape really dressed things up.  I can't wait to get some more uses out of it and put on some more things. 
Have you tried using washi tape?  Ever heard of it to begin with?  If not, you've got to get out there and get some.  Serious!  And start slapping it on EV-REE-THING.  I know that I will!

Cheers Everyone!
-Bakie (Chemeeka)

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