Monday, August 31, 2015

Breakfast at The Biscuit Head

We went up to Asheville a couple of weekends ago to celebrate our 8th wedding anniversary and while we were there, we had to make a stop at one of our favorite eateries, The Biscuit Head Cafe.

This place is one of a kind. It's named after the famous biscuit-head biscuits, that are the size of a cats head, which are served with almost every meal!  At first glance, there's a long line, a packed house, and the aroma of flavors that you just can't resist!  The moment that I set foot in the door and we officially have a number for our table, I make a b-line for their jams and jellies. 

If it were socially acceptable, I would immediately begin placing the spoon directly out of the jars and into my mouth, can't do things like that.  So I go ahead and fill up a few of their cute little paper cups with all of the jams, jellies, and relishes, one little heart can desire.

We usually get a sausage and eggs, something or other.  (Their siracha maple sausage...Um, yeah, you had better not leave without trying me!)  This time, my hubby got the special, (don't ask me to tell you what it was, because I don't remember).  My brain usually shuts down right around the time as we're standing in line, and this little message is the only thing that transmits:

"The Biscuit head cafe...

Siracha, maple sausage...

with some eggs....

jams & jellies....

....and a biscuit too, of course."  If you ask me my name while I am standing in line waiting for a seat, I will probably just vaguely stare back at you, softly chanting the above message.  

"Biscuit head cafe, siracha maple sausage...

Have a good day, y'all!

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Spectacular Summer Pies {Cooking Class}

This summer, I had the privilege of joining several wonderful ladies for an afternoon of cooking and learning the art of the perfect pie crust!

Now, if you're anything like me, you've got your pie filling down.  There isn't anyone that can light a match next to what you've got cooked up, inside the pie, but the crust.....well, you'll leave that to Mrs. Smith's or Betty Crocker.  #truestory

See, until now, I've never really felt like I had a tight enough grip on a really great-tasting pie crust to even dare make one from scratch to go with my pecan pies, sweet potato pie or my sweet bean pie.  I just let the store-brands do the talking for me.  You know what I'm saying...

Well, I went to this class for my birthday & without me ever even telling the other ladies there, they just immediately kept saying, "Alright, you do this.  YOU need to practice rolling out the dough", etc, etc.  

It was just the practice that I needed and they were a lot of fun too.

It's hard not to turn the tables over with people that are so kind and generous.  In reality, these ladies really were as sweet as the pies that we were making.

By the time that we were done, we had each had a turn practicing our crust, for full crust pies.  

Our pinch, to get that perfect little edge.

Making little hand-held pies filled with some of the sweetest and freshest ingredients.

I swear, even after all of the years of experience that I have in the kitchen, I am always open to learn something new!

Happy Baking! 

Thursday, August 20, 2015

"Waffles for Mom" Cooking Class

This past Mother's Day weekend, Sophia and I got to go to a very special cooking class held at the Williams Sonoma Store in South Park,hosted by the very talented Chef Cynthia Goch.   

Sophia got to learn some hands-on techniques, while I watched, for making homemade waffles topped with fresh apples and a even a delicious smoothie on the side!  Her little smile was, priceless.  And Chef Cynthia Goch was extremely knowledgeable and patient while the kids got to try out all of the different equipment and to measure out their ingredients.

I loved how the each took turns on the apple peeler and stirring the waffle mix.  You could tell that they were proud of themselves and what they were doing. 

The store was also full of lots of colorful deliciousness that my camera couldn't help but capture.  They were curds, recipes and tablescapes, everywhere.

Bravo to Chef Goch and my little Sophia (and all of the other little chefs).  

It was one AMAZING breakfast!

Monday, June 15, 2015

Tips for Making Curds & Cobblers

I want to take a minute to re-visit one very important, and sometimes over-looked step when you're making homemade curds or cobblers.  Part of the basis of your unique and quality, really creamy curds (or cobblers) is that you want to have absolutely NO LUMPS, whatsoever.  And the key to getting that super smooth and silky texture is going to happen when you're prepping your dry ingredients.

Before you ever even add your liquids or strained fruit juices to your thickening agent (which in our case is either going to be a flour/sugar mixture or a cornstarch/sugar mix), you have got to make sure that the flour agent and the sugar have been completed mixed, a thoroughly blended like it is in this pic, below.

Now, I need you to pinkie-swear me, that you will not, absolutely not, by any means, skip this step and allow a lumpy curd to be served on your table.

Do we have a deal?

If so, please take a minute to go back over this recipe, and practice the curd part of it, and see how smooth and delicious your curd comes out when you have slowly but surely stirred each and every part.

Okay, Mama is done.  Have a Happy Monday friends!

xo- Bakie