Thursday, August 20, 2015

"Waffles for Mom" Cooking Class

This past Mother's Day weekend, Sophia and I got to go to a very special cooking class held at the Williams Sonoma Store in South Park,hosted by the very talented Chef Cynthia Goch.   

Sophia got to learn some hands-on techniques, while I watched, for making homemade waffles topped with fresh apples and a even a delicious smoothie on the side!  Her little smile was, priceless.  And Chef Cynthia Goch was extremely knowledgeable and patient while the kids got to try out all of the different equipment and to measure out their ingredients.

I loved how the each took turns on the apple peeler and stirring the waffle mix.  You could tell that they were proud of themselves and what they were doing. 

The store was also full of lots of colorful deliciousness that my camera couldn't help but capture.  They were curds, recipes and tablescapes, everywhere.

Bravo to Chef Goch and my little Sophia (and all of the other little chefs).  

It was one AMAZING breakfast!

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