Thursday, February 28, 2013

Inspired by a Fellow DIY blogger

I have been fascinated these days with so many things....Pin-spiration, Inspiration, and overall just being a mom and learning how to be more, frugal, crafty, original and just down-right wife, mom, & family-FABULOUS has just got me going!:-)  Lately, I have been hanging out here.  And I just looove what I have stumbled upon in the way of fonts on Mrs. Smith's site.

There are so many WONDERFUL things that you can do with fonts but before we get to that.  Let's have a little freebie.  I bring you 15 fabulous fonts as seen on The House of Smiths website:

The House of Smiths, top 15 Fabulous Fonts!!!

Mrs. Smith shares:
I'm a font JUNKIE! It all came about when we decided to start up our vinyl shop business about 5 years ago. I just couldn't get enough of all the beautiful fonts that so many talented people had to offer me! I have thousands of fonts stored on my computer, but these 15 are definitely in my "favorites" category :)


Please note: Some fonts listed are free for personal use! You can find them at, and While others may need to be purchased through various online font sites such as,,, and more.

PS: You can also find the #15 font here: Circus Font

- See more at:

xo Chemeeka

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