Friday, September 30, 2011

Caramel Apples & A Few Other Treats

Okay, so I loved this recipe that I tried today.  First of all, things did not go the way that I had initially intended in that I thought for sure that I would find a recipe for homemade caramel (for apples) made with heavy cream rather than sweetened condensed milk, since:

1) That's what I had (heavy cream) and
2) I swore that I saw someone online (either a recipe or a YouTube video) making
it with just the sugar, butter & heavy cream...

I just knew that I had all the ingredients.  But sure enough, lo and behold, when it came down time for me to make it...I didn't  really have all of the ingredients, so...I just had to wing it! 

I started out with a few of my apples & I boiled them, just slightly to get rid of the waxy outer layer.  Then I put my sticks in them.
I got my chopped pecans lined up because I know that I would be using those later.

Then I got my sugar boiling.  (Sugar and water that is).
Next, I moved on to add my butter (about 5tablespoons, and one cup of heavy cream)
and I just continued to cook, and cook, (and stir) and cook it down until it was about this color.
I turned the heat off on the caramel & got my plate ready to begin dipping my apples.

Set them aside.
Now next, I turned to start making my drizzle with these (wilton melts)...
Now, I can't tell you what else I added to this.  All I will say is that just melting the
wilton melts in the microwave, like I've done before to make candies, did not work here.
Then I drizzled them on top of my apples.
And sprinkled on my nuts.
And Voila! Delicious!

With the leftover caramel and sauce, I came up with a few other treats.

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